Department of Computer Applications

B.C.A - Computer Applications

About the Department

The Department of Computer Applications was established in the year 1999 and works towards enriching the students academically and ensures their involvement in several activities. The department puts in various efforts to mould the students and equip them to face the challenges in the IT field at a global level.

The Department has been organizing seminars at National, International and State levels which provide a great platform for the students in acquiring the knowledge.

The Department is proud of its University Rank holders. The Digitize Club organizes various competitions such as quiz, debugging and paper presentations which help the students to exhibit their innate talent.

The Department has signed an MoU with ICT Academy which conducts several workshops and Faculty Development Programs. The Department offers Bridge Course which provides an insight to the basics of the subject. It also provides enrichment course to motivate students to secure University Ranks.

Through the Placement Cell our students are recruited at major companies such as HCL, CTS, Infosys, Wipro, Allsec Technologies, Ajuba, Ntrust etc.

Faculty and Staff

S.No Name Qualification
01 Ms.S.Uma Shankari
M.C.A, M.Phil, SET, NET
02 Ms.N.S.Kothai
M.C.A, M.Phil, SET, NET
03 Ms.Ramya Vasudevan
M.C.A, M.Phil
04 Ms.L.S.Kavitha
M.C.A, M.Phil
M.Sc(CT), M.Phil.
06 Mrs. R. JISHA
MCA, M.Phil.
07 Ms.P.R.Suganya Sridevi
M.C.A, M.Phil
08 Ms.Vithyaa Raajamanickam
M.C.A, M.Phil, SET, NET
09 Ms.V Hema
M.Sc, M.Phil,SET
10 Ms.T.Sutha
11 Ms.N.Shyamala Devi
MCA, M.Phil
12 Ms.L .Poogothai
M.Sc, B.Ed
13 Ms.K.L.Sumathy
MCA, M.Phil
14 Ms.P.Bhargavi Devi
M.Sc (IT), MCA, M.Phil.

University Rank Holders

E. Ambika

Has secured University 16th Rank in Computer Applications branch & 7th in English, 2012-2013

C. Udhaya Bharathi

Has secured University 3rd Rank in Sanskrit, 2012-2013

B. Tamilarasi

Has secured University 4th Rank in Computer Applications branch, 2013-2014


Has secured University 20th Rank in Computer Applications branch, 2015-2016


Has secured University 13th Rank in Computer Applications branch, 2016-2017


  • 1. Language –I
  • 2. English –I
  • 3. Major 1: Digital Logic Fundamentals
  • 4. Allied 1: Maths –I
  • 5. Practical I: Major 2: PC-Software Lab
  • 6. Non-Major Elective - I
  • 7. Soft Skills –I


  • 1. Language – II
  • 2. English –II
  • 3. Major 1: Programming in C
  • 4. Allied 1: Maths –II
  • 5. Practical II: C-Lab
  • 6. Non-Major Elective – II
  • 7. Soft Skills –II


  • 1. Major 1: Programming in C++ & Data Structures
  • 2. Major 2: Microprocessors & its Applications
  • 3. Major 3: Numerical & Statistical Methods
  • 4. Allied 1: Financial Accounting
  • 5. Practical III: Programming in C++ using Data Structures
  • 6. Environmental Studies
  • 7. Soft Skills –III


  • 1. Major 1: Programming in Java
  • 2. Major 2: Operating System
  • 3. Major 3: Computer Graphics
  • 4. Allied 1:– Cost and Management Accounting
  • 5. Practical IV: Java Programming Lab
  • 6. Environmental Studies


  • 1. Major 1: Database Management System
  • 2. Major 2: Software Engineering
  • 3. Major 3: Resource Management Techniques
  • 4. Elective 1: Visual Programming
  • 5. Practical IV: Java Programming Lab
  • 6. Value Education


  • 1. Major 1: Web Technology
  • 2. Major 2: Data Communication and Networking
  • 3. Major 3: Software Testing
  • 4. Elective 1: Object Oriented Analysis And Design
  • 5. Elective II: Client Server Computing
  • 6. Practical VI: Web Application Lab.

Placements Details

The adjacent chart shows the number of students were placed in reputed concerns like Infosys, HCL, TCS, CTS, CyberNet Slash Support ,TNQ Books and Journals etc. through the Placement Cell.

Department Best Practices

  • Aptitude based training are given to the students to widen their knowledge.
  • We encourage the students to participate in intercollegiate competitions and to participate in National Seminar and workshops.
  • Students are involved in organizing intercollegiate meet and seminars which bring out their leadership qualities.
  • The Club organizes various competitions to develop their skills.

Department Seminars & Conferences

The Department has been organizing many Seminars at National, International and State Levels such that they provide premier forum for dissemination of innovative practice.

Year Title Level
2012-13 From Kilobyte To Terabyte An Evolution
National Conference
2013-14 An Overview of Research Support Tools – MATLAB and SPSS
National Workshop
2013-14 Global facets of Information Technology
National Level Seminar
2014-15 Emerging Trends in Information Technology
National Seminar
2015-16 Applications of Innovative Software Technologies
National Seminar
2015-16 Innovative Computing in Intelligent Systems
National Seminar
2016-17 Computational Convolution in Intelligent Systems and Mathematics
National Conference
2017-18 Evolution of Technology - Changing Paradigms
National Conference


Mr. R V Ashok, Vice President, Sundaram Clayton Private Limited inaugurated the conference and released the Department Magazine CYBER QUEST ’12”.


Mr. Amar Prasad Reddy, Additional Director General, National Safety and Security Standards, Chennai was the chief guest. Dr. S.P. Rajagopalan, Secretary- Bhathavatsalam College of Arts and Science was the Guest of Honor.


Mrs. Rajasree Natarajan Chief Operating Officer, Cognizant Foundation, Chennai, inaugurated the Seminar and the Technical Exhibition TECHLON’S 2014. Mr. R. Ramamurthy, Chairman, Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation, Chennai, delivered the Special address and released the magazine CYBERQUEST’14” .


Dr. Ponnavaikko, Vice-Chancellor, Bharath University, Former Vice Chancellor, Bharathidasan University released the magazine.


G.J. Jaishankar , Principal - Product Launch, Computer Science Corporation, Chennai inaugurated the seminar and delivered a lecture on “Recent Trends in Information Technology”.


Mr. Suresh Kuppuswamy inaugurated the conference and spoke on “Evolution of Technology - Changing Paradigms”.

Department Association and Club Activities


Cyber Fest’, an association organised by our Department conducts various intercollegiate competitions such as Quiz, Debugging, Paper Presentations, and Collage. Our students are its committee members and they conduct the events which inculcate the leadership qualities in them.


‘Digitize Club’, brings out the innate qualities and talents of the students. The members of this club interacts with the students through meetings and organizes intradepartmental activities.


Association conducted: Intercollegiate Meet “TECHLONS’ 2012”


‘TECHLONS’12’, was a mega event organized by the department was held on 14th and 15th September 2012. This Technical exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. R V Ashok, Vice President, Sundaram Clayton Private Limited and Mrs. Prabha Anand, Director of Projects, Cognizant, Chennai. We had large number of participants from the other colleges. Several technical models such as Mobile tracking, Line follower Robot, Cloud Computing and Traffic Signals were displayed..


“DIGITIZE CLUB” conducted various events like Quiz, Adzap, Debate and Paper Presentation, which gave an opportunity to our students to exhibit their talents.


‘CYBER FEST’13’: an Inter Collegiate meet was held on 13th December 2013. Technical Meet was inaugurated by Mr. Shrikanth Churuvari, Vice President, Cognizant Technologies Solutions, Chennai. CLUB ACTIVITIES 2014-15.



Inter Collegiate Meet saw more than 18 Colleges in and Chennai and the participants won cash prizes. DIGITIZE CLUB 2015-16.

DIGITIZE CLUB” conducted various events like Quiz, Adzap, Debate and Paper Presentation, which gave an opportunity to our students to exhibit their talents.


Technical Exhibition: Techlon’s 16’, was held on 19th September 2016 and was inaugurated by Mr. Manoj Pavithran, co-founder Teosl organization.

The chief guest Mr. Manoj Pavithran released Magazine CYBER QUEST ’16 and Mrs. Uma Shankari , Head, BCA department received the first copy.

E-magazine, was also launched by the chief guest and this magazine comprises of articles written by our students and also had contribution from other college on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Clash of Titans and Open Source.



Students exposed their talents in Certificate Designing, Poster Designing, Invitation Designing, Paper Presentation, Crossword Puzzle, Smart Interpreter, Adzap, etc. CLUB ACTIVITY ‘SWAT’

The Department of Computer Applications -Shift 2 also organizes the various events like quiz, Debugging, Adzap, Paper presentation, Movie Making, collage and Knowledge sharing regularly to bring out the innate talents of our students.

Department Guest Lectures

1 2012-2013 Mrs. Deepika Hemanth, Creative Bench Adobe After Effects
2 20.09.2013 Mr.A.MUTHUKUMAR Apptivo technologies pvt ltd Chennai Software development life cycle (sdlc),software testing life cycle (stlc ) , system testing process and bug tracking tools
3 20.12.2013 Mrs.Revathy Arihanth pvt ltd. Chennai Software quality
4 20.12.2014 Dr. R.Bhuvana , Asst professor, A .M. Jain college Chennai Data mining
5 2013-2014 Mr.Sugumar Centre Head, IndiaCan, Chennai. Ethical Hacking
6 2013-2014 Mr. Manoj CEO Taul Next Education , T.Nagar Chennai Cloud Computing
7 2014-2015 Mr.Deepak Raj, Regional Head Criben Technologies, Chennai. Open Sources Technology
8 20.12.2015 Shreeja Research scholar Anna university Chennai Artificial intelligence
9 2014-2015 Manoj Kombissan, Head - Operations Talhunt Nextgen Education Pvt Ltd., Thiruvanmiyur , Chennai - 600 041 Bigdata and soft skill presentation on Non- Verbal communication skills
10 2015-2016 Mr.Senthil SAP-ERP, Adyar Chennai. SAP ERP
11 2015-2016 Mr. Karthikeyan ICAT, Adyar Web- Essentials for a site, Presenting & Seeking Information
12 4.10.2016 Dr Britto Synapticdots solutions private ltd Chennai Cloud computing
13 2016-2017 Siddhartha Krishnan Synapticdots solutions Pvt Ltd, Adyar, Chennai Website Designing & Cloud Computing
14 3.08.2017 Mrs Anjana Asst professor Bhakatavachalam college Ontology
15 9.09.2017 Mrs Shiny Asst professor KCG college of technology Chennai Big data and Network Security
16 2017-2018 Dr. Emily Shiny Asst Professor KCG College Of Technology BIGDATA and Network Security

Release of Department Magazine

1 2012-2013 CYBERQUEST’12 Mr. R V Ashok,
Vice President,
Sundaram Clayton Private Limited
2 2013-2014 CYBERQUEST’13 Mr. Amar Prasad Reddy, Additional Director General,
National Safety and Security Standards, Chennai.
3 2014-2015 CYBERQUEST’14 Mr. R. Ramamurthy,Chairman,
Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation,
Chennai Delivered the Special address and released the magazine.
4 2015-2016 CYBERQUEST’15
Dr. Ponnavaikko,Vice-Chancellor, Bharath University,
Delivered the Special address and released the magazine.
5 2016-2017 CYBERQUEST’16 Mr.Manoj Pavithran, Co Founder, Telos Organization,
Delivered the Special address and released the E-magazine .

Department Photo Gallery

Certificate Course

Industrial Visit

Mr. Amit Kumar (coordinator from CDAC) Project Engineer , Computer Networks & Internet Engineering Division , Centre for Development of Advanced Computing 68, Electronics City, Bangalore 560 100 .

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