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About the Department

The department aims at maintaining academic excellence and equipping students with the skills necessary to face the challenges of the business world. The subjects in Commerce place special emphasis on addressing real-life business where students are exposed to case studies and specific problems drawn from the Industry which serves as the backdrop for problem discussion and problem solving. This course include updates on the latest developments in the business world.

The department regularly organizes Workshops and Seminars on various Topics. Guest Lectures by experienced professors and Industrial Experts are also arranged to give students greater exposure to the current affairs.This department offers B.Com Generak, B.Com Accounting & Finance and B.Com Bank Management

Faculty and Staff

S.No Name Qualification
01 Mrs. R. Fahima Sultana
M.Com., M. Phil.
02 Mrs. K.Banumathy
M.Com., M.Phil.
03 Mrs.S.Vijayalakshmi
M.Com., M.Phil.
04 Mrs.V.Anuradha
05 Mrs.Kirthika Krishnan
M.Com ., M.Phil.
06 Ms.G.Roseline
M.Com., M.Phil.
07 Ms.Deepa Sridhar
M.Com., M.Phil.,
08 Dr.Selvameena
M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.
09 Ms. Kavitha Umapathy
C.A., M.Com.
10 Ms. C.Nithya
M.Com., M.Phil.
11 Ms.S.Jansirani
12 Mrs. D.Jamuna Rani
M.A., M.Phil.
13 Ms.M.Kalaiselvi
M.A.,M.Phil., PGDLA
14 Ms.P.Jansirani
15 Ms. Manjusha Nair
M.Com., M.Phil.
16 Ms.Gayathri
M.Com., M.Phil.
17 Ms. E.Nirmala
M.Com., M.Phil.
18 Ms.V.Kiruthika
M.Com., M.Phil.
19 Ms.R.Lalitha
M.Com., M.Phil.
20 Ms.R.Ishwariya
M.Com., M.Phil.
21 Ms.V.Sandhya
22 Ms.Renuka
23 Ms.S.Maria Nikita

Department Facilities

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Seminars And Conferences

Department Seminars

National Seminar Inaugurated by Honorable Minister DR. K. PONMUDY

Release of Seminar souvenir in a State Seminar

Guest Lectures

Department Guest Lectures

YEAR : 2006 - 2007

Date Faculty Topic
2/2/06 Dr.Shobana Mahadevan Motivation
6/9/06 Mrs.Sudha Damodharan, Women Entrepreneur Project planning, entrepreneurial Development.

Year : 2008 - 2009

Date Faculty Topic
14/3/07 Mr.Chetan,Director,Bajaj Investment Management
15/7/07 Dr.k.B.chandrasekaran,professorD.B.Jain college Income tax assessment

Year : 2009 - 2010

Date Faculty Topic
21/1/09 Dr.K.B.Chandrasekaran,
Professor,D.B.Jain college
Income Tax
28/7/09 Mr.Wilson paul,Lecturer,KCS Nadar college Corporate accounting

Year : 2010 - 2011

Date Faculty Topic
12/8/10 Mr.V.Subramanium, Faculty, ICSI Applicability of accounting standards
18/8/10 Mr.P.S.Srinivasan, Practicing Company Secretary - Srinivasan & Co. Company law
18/8/10 Mr.Diraviyam, faculty,
Guidance for ACS

Certificate Course

YEAR : 2006 - 2011

Year Name of the certificate Course offered Organization No. of students
2006 – 2007 Tally INSYS INFO SCHOOL 35
2007 – 2008 Tally IIJT Computers 30
2008 – 2009 Tally IIJT Computers 25
Newrite Newrite Foundation 75
2009 – 2010 Tally MM Computers 34
Newrite Newrite Foundation 89
2010 – 2011 Tally MM Computers 30
Newrite Newrite Foundation 30

Department Magazines

Department Seminars

Dept Magazine released by Honorable Judge Mr. VENKATESA PERUMAL

Dept Magazine released by Honorable Judge Mr. P . ROSIAH

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Department E-BAZAAR


E-BAZAAR Inaugurated by Mr. J. Armstrong P’ Rayan

E-BAZAAR Inaugurated by Mr. J. Armstrong P’ Rayan